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Every family business is unique with its own history, legacy and family dynamics

Among businesses, family firms don’t run “business as usual.” They face issues not found in other types of organizations. As family business professionals and as a family business ourselves, we understand this. With strategies and skills to address challenges specific to family enterprise, we support our clients every day to move forward in a way that’s aligned with the values and goals of the family and the business. We grasp the interrelated nature of  family business with challenges of running a business.

Advantage Family Business is different from the big consulting firms – we’re a small group of experienced individuals who know how to move the needle.  We listen, we understand and we bring an essential perspective that a business simply cannot have on its own. We work closely with our clients to find the solutions that fit. 

We do our best work so that you can do your best work—for your business, for your family and for your life.