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“Our family relationships and the on-going success of our business are critical to us—who can we trust to help?”

Creating Conditions for Success

As a family business, you face challenges like no one else. The Family Business System – the individuals in the business, members of the family and in the ownership of the business – all converge to create a complex, dynamic system that is ever-changing yet critically important.

We help your family create the conditions for success. Our practical tools and processes help families maintain relationships, appreciate differences and manage growth.

  • Strategic vision and planning – geared specifically to honor the variables in family business and create alignment for the future
  • Continuity planning – transitioning ownership, leadership and management to the next generation
  • Guidelines and principals for the business family – creation of a family council and family charter designed to define the family’s values and actions
  • Trust, teamwork and better communication among the family business system

Our services range from single education programs to long-term, on-going engagements.  We tailor our services to your family business needs and wants.

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