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“Catherine helped me develop critical skills that allowed me to shift the way I related to my business. The application of these practices has had a valuable and measurable impact on me, my company and our employees.”  Third generation insurance business

Leadership Development

Leaders in family business face steep challenges where much is at stake – relationship dynamics, respecting the legacy while planning for the future, family roles and boundaries and decision making in a complex and ever-changing business environment.

In coaching, we work with ideas and practices that will prove transformative to you and provide the necessary structure and support for a greatly accelerated development process. This work gives you the opportunity to develop your presence – you at your most resourceful, ready, resilient inner state able to meet the most rigorous demands and to break important new ground as a leader. Your level of work, thinking, awareness and connectedness to your commitments will reach an entirely new level:

  • hold skillful conversations
  • lead innovation and significant change
  • foster collaboration
  • meet new demands and execute effectively
  • develop resiliency and resourcefulness in the face of critical challenges
  • cultivate leadership presence and the critical “inner game”

Grounded in understanding of family business, we use a coaching approach that is pragmatic, action oriented and creates outcomes that are specific and measurable. Interactive and non-prescriptive, the coaching is focused on and dedicated to your development, drawing on your capabilities, resourcefulness and aspirations.

You will:

  • cultivate access to sustainable, positive habits and be resourceful in times of stress
  • respond in new, creative ways and with increased choices
  • increase your focus and attention on what matters most

You determine your outcomes and change happens through practices that are specifically geared toward building the competencies you need to reach your desired results. Your leadership roots will be forever deepened and the developmental change in you is transformational and sustainable.

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