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A Commitment to Family Business

Family business is complex and presents challenges and opportunities that are different from other types of business. Roles, relationships and differing priorities all affect both the family and the business, creating normal tensions.  This effect can lead to misalignment, lack of clear direction, and slowed decision making which can significantly challenge the continuity of the business and the family harmony.

Advantage Family Business, an affiliate of Family Business Consulting Group, supports family business by helping to create conditions for success.  We meet clients exactly where they are by listening first, then providing collaborative engagement, practical tools and services. We help create a unified vision for the future, structures and processes for effective ownership, management, governance and family systems.  We help business families to maintain relationships, appreciate differences and manage growth both in the present and for the future.

We offer leadership and executive coaching, strategic and succession planning and advisory services for the family business, and structure and processes that support families to create the strongest possible future.

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